Data protection in event organisation

We'll show you what you need to look out for as an event organiser when it comes to data protection and how Eventfrog can support you.

Free webinar about data protection

As an event organiser in Switzerland, you have a lot to consider when it comes to data protection. The new Data Protection Act has been in force in Switzerland since 1 September. Because this topic can seem a little overwhelming at first, we offer you as an event organiser a short training course on this topic as a webinar.

Presentation Date Protection in Event Organisation Webinar 2023

Präsentation Datenschutz bei der Eventorganisation Webinar 2023

Présentation Protection des données dans l'organisation de l'événement Webinaire 2023

The most important points on data protection in Switzerland

  • You need a legal basis to process personal data. This can either be the consent of the data subjects or a legitimate interest - in your case, it is the current event. See also our GTC:
    § 5 Personal data:
    (2) The data of participants will be passed on to the event organisers for the purpose of admission control and the proper execution of the events. Event organisers undertake to use this data only for this purpose, and in particular, not for further marketing purposes.
  • If you process personal data with consent, make sure that the consent is voluntary and unambiguous. The data subjects should be able to easily understand what they are giving their consent for and how they can withdraw it.
  • Only collect the personal data that you really need and limit the processing to the agreed purpose.
  • Data security:
    • Protect personal data through appropriate technical and organisational measures.
    • If you transfer the processing of data to a third party on your behalf (e.g. cloud service provider), conclude a contract.
    • It should go without saying, but NEVER pass on the data.

How Eventfrog supports you with data protection

The use of ticket buyer data for marketing purposes is generally possible, but certain legal requirements must be met. Here are some ways in which Eventfrog can support you:

  • Maximum security on our part:
    Your data and that of your ticket buyers is safe with us. We comply with the GDPR, only use servers in Switzerland and never pass on data to third parties.
  • Earmarking for the event:
    You can use visitors' data as part of the event. This means that if you want to share information or draw attention to offers at the event, you can contact your ticket buyers.
  • Personalisation feature: With our personalisation feature, you can obtain consent and ask whether you may contact ticket buyers for marketing purposes.
    Important: If the ticket buyers have given their consent, you can send them a message to reconfirm their consent. You may only contact them for marketing purposes once you have explicitly confirmed their consent.

Maximum data protection and the security of personal data are important to us.

You can find out more about data protection and our manifesto for maximum data protection here

How and when does the topic of data protection affect me as an event organiser?

The issue of data protection affects all event organisers from the sale of the first ticket. From then on, the question of secure handling of data and the regulation of processes (e.g. access rights to the entry app) arises.

How can I obtain and document valid consent for the processing of your personal data?

To obtain consent to the processing of data, you can use the personalisation function to include a request for consent during the ticket purchase process for your event. The purpose of the data processing, the categories of data processed and the possibility of revocation are made clear. Your consent will be documented in writing or electronically.

What types of personal data may I collect as an event organiser and for what purposes may I process them?

As an event organiser, you may only collect and process the personal data that is necessary for the specific purpose of my event. This usually includes information such as name, contact details and any special needs. Only process the data that is necessary for the smooth running of the event.

How can I ensure that I only collect and store the necessary data (data minimisation)?

To ensure that only necessary data is collected, only ask for information that is relevant to the event organiser.

How can I ensure the security of your personal data during the event and during data transmission? 

Take appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of the data. This includes measures such as the encryption of sensitive data, access controls and regular software updates.

What records do I have to keep of my data processing activities, and how long do I have to keep them?

Maintain documentation of your data processing activities, including the purposes of the processing, the categories of data recipients and the retention period. These records are kept for an appropriate period of time as required by law.

We would like to point out that Eventfrog can support you in complying with data protection regulations. However, the responsibility for compliance with applicable laws remains with you. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the data protection regulations and legal requirements in order to comply with them. We will be happy to assist you to ensure that you are on the safe side legally when organising your events.

More about data protection in the help section

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