07.06. - 15.06.

Upstage Theatre - A New Brain

Upstage Theatre - A New Brain Theater am Käfigturm Billets

Credits: Upstage Theatre Bern

Début: Différentes heures
Theater am Käfigturm, Bern (CH)

Upstage Theatre presents "A New Brain" - a musical comedy celebrating the healing power of art.

A New Brain

Music and lyrics by William Finn, book by William Finn and James Lapine

directed by Nikolina Do.

With a live trio on stage!

Through a cheerful score, irreverent lyrics and some goofy antics, A New Brain tells the story of struggling songwriter Gordon as he is rushed to the hospital for a serious brain condition. Surrounded by his worried mother, his boyfriend, a co-worker and the hospital staff, Gordon reviews his life and relationships, often through hallucinations, and is occasionally haunted by a large green frog - the star of the children's television show he has been composing for.

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