02.03. - 30.03.

Pub Crawl Nightlife Tour

Pub Crawl Nightlife Tour 2. Akt Billets
2. Akt, Zurich (CH)

Explore Zurich's vibrant nightlife with Pub Crawl Zurich. Discover the best bars and party with an international crowd while we take care of where to go and keep serving shots for you to enjoy 100%!

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Jour de la semaine, Date, Heure
samedi, 02.03.2024, 21:00 heure Billets
samedi, 09.03.2024, 21:00 heure Billets
samedi, 16.03.2024, 21:00 heure Billets
samedi, 23.03.2024, 21:00 heure Billets
samedi, 30.03.2024, 21:00 heure Billets

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