26.05. - 08.06.

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Course

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Course Meeting point: Zurich HB (inside the train station, under the blue angel) Tickets
Meeting point: Zurich HB (inside the train station, under the blue angel), Zürich (CH)

Dive into the world of bean-to-bar chocolate making to make your own chocolate creations! In this immersive chocolate course, you will learn how to make chocolate from scratch - from raw beans to finished bars. 

This interactive experience takes place at Kürzi Kakao's chocolate manufactory, located outside of the city and surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature. After a short train ride, we will start off with a chocolate workshop during which you will learn how to taste chocolate like professionals! The tasting will be followed by a short tour of the manufactory, focusing on ethical chocolate making and the bean-to-bar trade model. 

Once we have our theory covered, the practical part starts with no limits to your creativity! Enjoy combining flavours with different ingredients to make your own, unique chocolate bars. We use high quality, plant-based ingredients only. Have fun trying, experimenting and tasting! Once you are done, and the chocolates are cooling, we invite you for a cacao drink and a chocolate quiz with a sweet price for the winner.

Note: the train ticket is not included in the tour price

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