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01.11. - 27.12.

Ecstatic Dance Bern - Sunday Dance

Ecstatic Dance Bern - Sunday Dance KonzertTheaterBern - Vidmarhallen 3 | Dance Complex Tickets
KonzertTheaterBern - Vidmarhallen 3 | Dance Complex, Liebefeld
Ecstatic Dance Bern’s Sunday Dance is 80 minutes of intergenerational (family-kid-friendly) free-style dance to a varied mix of music: pop, world, electronica, alternative & punk, hip-hop, new age and traditional, among others. Our Sunday Dance is conceived as a journey, namely: ‘The Hero’s Journey’. Every dance is an opportunity for a new adventure, a chance to cross barriers and enter a realm of new possibilities, meet new and old friends, JUST BE with whatever is moving you at the moment, experience transformation, joy, a coming to yourself and others and return to stillness. You are free to dance this journey alone and also with any others on the dance floor who signal a willingness to make you part of their Sunday Dance. We create a space in which everyone feels welcome and safe and free to dance any way they like to whatever music happens to be playing at any moment. Music for personal warm up starts at 9:30 AM. At 10 AM there is a short greeting followed by free dance without instruction and a short closing at 11:30 AM. Adventure calls!
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