What are my favourite categories and what are favourites?


Why should I enter my favourite categories?

You do not necessarily have to enter your favourite categories, you can also skip this step.

You can select or change your favourite categories at any time in the app under «More» under «Favourite categories».

We recommend that you use this function, as it allows us to show you events in the app that match your favourite categories.

What are favourites?

In the app, you can favourite the events that interest you so that you can access your favourites at any time.

Click on the heart icon at the top right of the event. You can then save your event in your favourites with just one click and no longer have to search for it.

Where can I find my favourites?

The three nearest event favourites are displayed on the home screen. You can also access your favourites in the app by clicking «More» in the navigation at the bottom right.

Your favourites are always visible under «My favourites» until you remove them.