How do I take out ticket insurance and what do I have to do in the event of a claim?


How can I take out ticket insurance?

purchase it (marked in the second checkout step). The insurance is of course optional. You can deselect the insurance by clicking on «Remove insurance». If you have selected several tickets, you can also have only individual tickets insured or deselect the insurance.

The ticket insurance premium depends on the ticket price. Tickets with a price higher than 500.-- cannot be insured.

What do I have to do in the event of a claim?

With ticket insurance, you will be refunded the ticket price in the following cases, among others:

  • Illness / accident / pregnancy complications
  • Cancellation or delay of public transport on the outward journey (technical defect)
  • Breakdown or accident with private car on the outward journey
  • If the event has been postponed and you are unable to attend on the postponement date due to the following reasons:
    • official summons as a witness or juror in court,
    • Completion of military and civil defence,
    • holidays already booked,
    • business occasion,
    • Invitation to a wedding

Information regarding coronavirus: In accordance with Section 6 e) of the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance, benefits are excluded for events in connection with epidemics or pandemics.

In the event of a claim, please contact the insurance company here with the necessary documents including order confirmation (see insurance conditions):

Report claims online

You can also find out more about the insurance coverage here: ERV ticket protection

Insurance conditions (Download)