Your sponsors in the spotlight

Present your sponsorship and generate additional revenue

Many event organisers are dependent on sponsors. Because we know this, we support event sponsorship. To promote partnerships between you and your sponsors, we offer the sponsorship space. This allows you to showcase your partners on the tickets, in the event details and in the Eventfrog app.

At Eventfrog, we support event sponsorship and want to promote partnerships between you and your sponsors. That's why we have a sponsorship area that allows you to showcase your partners on the ticket, in the event details and in the Eventfrog app.

Everywhere at the centre

The sponsorship space is included from the Plus model upwards. Involve your sponsor in the following prominent locations.

Always included on the ticket

The ticket conveys positive emotions about your event and often hangs on the fridge at home for several weeks. Your sponsor is prominently displayed below the event image.

Also visible to potential buyers

The sponsor is already visible in the event details before the ticket is purchased. This means that potential buyers can also be addressed. The logo can be linked.

Present on the smartphone

Over 100,000 potential buyers can be found in the Eventfrog app. Your sponsor should not be missing here either and is present both in the event details and on the digital ticket.

Additional income thanks to resold sponsorship space

You can resell the sponsorship space at any price and keep the additional revenue. If the sponsorship space is used, the event falls under the paid Plus model.

For example, many event organisers put together an additional ticketing sponsorship package with which they specifically seek sponsors and attract new sponsors.

The prices listed above are exclusive of VAT.

Do you have any further questions?

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