Cheering fans in sold-out stands

Sporting events bring excitement into the air, which is only released in the shouts of joy from the cheering crowds. Sport moves minds and people - on land, air and water, whether on the football pitch or in the indoor stadium.

Eventfrog offers sports events of all kinds - from gymnastics evenings to championships, the right playing field to move up a league in terms of organisation and ticketing.

Our effective tools lead every organiser to success.

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Central features for sports events

Categories & seating plans

Price categories can be used to display discounts and different ranks. These are shown in the seating plan and can be booked for specific seats.

Sponsoring spaces

Present your sponsors prominently in the event details and on the tickets. Use the sponsorship logo or the entire advertising space on the ticket.

Saison tickets

Season tickets and passes can be sold via Eventfrog. You can find out more about season tickets at Eventfrog here

Practical features for sporting success

Major sporting events and associations at Eventfrog

In 2021, tickets for the European Elite Track Championships in the Tissot Velodrome were sold via Eventfrog. You can read more about the organisation in the run-up to the event in our blog.

As an association, TanzVereinigung Schweiz TSV relies on Eventfrog as its official ticketing partner and thus offers its members many advantages and special conditions.

You can find out more about association partnerships here

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