sounding workshop with compositions & guidance by saadet

sounding workshop with compositions & guidance by saadet Platzspitz, Musikpavillon, Platzpromenade 5, 8001 Zürich Tickets

Credits: guerillaclassics

Platzspitz, Musikpavillon, Zürich (CH)

saadet türköz’s workshop is about vocal interaction between the participants: she speaks a language that has no comprehensible, clear content. this meaninglessness has a physical form that transforms into a shape. it is a kind of narrative whose action becomes a joyful, thought-provoking experience through spontaneous reaction and action.

sébastien pittet, double bass, sets the thoughts and dreams of saadet türköz into music. in her basic idea lie short texts or a word that leads one into a depth of the world of sound, into an infinity. one loses oneself in an unknown, insecure, uncomfortable zone, sometimes in paradise. but she loves that you return to the real world.

making music and creating a composition in the spiritual is what makes it incomplete. the way life happens, no beginning, no end - she imagines the whole as an abstraction of the concrete. the interpreter sébastien pittet plays his sensibility.


sébastien pittet (solo double bass)

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Platzspitz, Musikpavillon, Platzpromenade 5, Zürich, CH

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