Visual Music, Icy Mountains and Mysticism

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<p><strong>Latest Findings and Book Launch from the GBF Cooperative Centre for Research on Indian Art and Artists</strong></p><p>In spring 2021, the GBF Center for Cooperative Reasearch on Indian Arts and Artist at Museum Rietberg was founded. This initiative was launched with the aim of researching the museum's collection jointly with invited art historians from all over the world. The focus lies on Indian painting, providing facilities for documentation and making the collection better available through publications.</p><p>The first scholarship holder, <strong>Sonika Soni</strong> from Pune, will report on her research on one of the most beautiful series from Rajasthan. The copious Ragamala-series ("Garland of musical modes") was probably painted by painters at Kota around 1770.</p><p>Subsequently, our mentor, the renowned art historian <strong>Prof. B.N. Goswamy</strong> from Chandigarh will present his newest publication, “A Sacred Journey. A Study of the Kedara Kalpa Series of Pahari Paintings and the Painter Purkhu of Kangra”. A series of 33 paintings visualize the pilgrimage of five ascetics to the temple of Lord Shiva in the icy Himalayas. This great monograph, authored by Karuna and Brijinder Goswamy, is being published by Artibus Asiae of Museum Rietberg.</p>


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