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Artist Talk - Angela Osterwalder & Sergio Araya

Artist Talk - Angela Osterwalder & Sergio Araya Dynamo Tickets
Dynamo, Zürich, CH
Their work deal with feminism, the post- colonial, ecology and pop culture that overcomes the boundaries between species, gender and nature. In their practice they use mixed media, such as sculpture, installation, video and sound. The artist duo work as well at Dynamo where they develop projects about alternative economic models and modes of production. They study at the MFA at the Zurich University of the Arts and are founders of the Klara Kiss ZIP Off-Space. Their work has been shown at several institutions among others "Die Stral" 500 Jahre Reformation Universität Zürich, Kaserne Zürich, Khora Zürich, "De Arrival" Lattich St. Gallen, "Between Deaths" Zürich, "Literatur Telefon" Strauhof Zürich, Biennale Tacharia-Square Athen. The talk is held in English and will be livestreamed https://www.youtube.com/c/AnnemarieBrand/live



Dynamo, Wasserwerkstrasse, Zürich, CH


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