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Animation Jam Band featuring Terrence Bowery-vocals - OpenStage

Animation Jam Band featuring Terrence Bowery-vocals - OpenStage Barton Fink Kiez-Kino Tickets
Barton Fink Kiez-Kino, Berlin, DE

Animation Jam Band - Open stage for all Singers, Poets, Musician etc.

Hosted by Mike Watts

Featuring DI Carlo- - drums

Rob - guitar

Terrence Bowery - Vocals

This is a Jam session where musicians singers and poets can come and have some fun in the world of creative music making. We invite you as a guest to come and experience one of Berlin session featuring some of the best musician from the Jam Session Scene.


Mike Watt is one who has a long history of delivering good music to a deserving audience at a moments notice.


Terrence Bowery after a long sabbatical is back on the scene. He will be share what he has which is his fine vocal tones direct to your eardrums - touching your heart.


This is an evening where all musicians are invited to join the band. Happening in the Barton Fink Lounge


Barton Fink Kiez-Kino



Barton Fink Kiez-Kino, Potsdamer Straße 157, Berlin, DE

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