Chur unplugged presents ... NATHAN BALL (UK)

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Everything about singer- songwriter Nathan Ball feels unforced. A natural, easy, calming presence, his music scales universal emotional highs with as much fluidity as it descends into moody introspection. 

Finding inspiration in the outdoors, much of Nathan's material is connected to his surroundings. “It’s where I write best; by the sea, in the mountains, in the woods. I love being totally immersed in nature so naturally those themes find their way into the music. I love being in the ocean – just being in it, and feeling totally insignificant. It’s a reminder of the order of things.” 

Nathan’s work fuses two chief loves – classic song writing and an eagerness to experiment and push sonic boundaries. Perhaps unexpectedly, he finds inspiration in left-field house music. “I love the way it makes you feel – it’s euphoric, but sad, introverted but expressive. I love that darker side of the genre”.

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