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chinese chinatour Zunfthaus zur Meisen, Münsterhof 20, 8001 Zürich Tickets

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Zunfthaus zur Meisen, Zürich (CH)

chinese chinatour is a musical journey, travelling through china’s richness and diversity of chinese musical traditions and regions curated by chinese-french based musician chengyi wang. the concert features a variety of traditional chinese instruments, including the guzheng, pipa and yangqin. the haunting melodies and bewitching rhythms transport the audience throughout china’s different regions, portraying and reflecting a storytelling of chengyi wang’s musical journey and china's musical traditions.

jian chen (guzheng), yiqing lui (pipa) & chengyi wang (yangqin) –mentored by kay zhang

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Zunfthaus zur Meisen, Münsterhof 20, Zürich, CH

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