«schliess die augen nicht – von kröten & alten gespenstern»

«schliess die augen nicht – von kröten & alten gespenstern» Provitreff, Sihlquai 240, 8005 Zürich Tickets

Credits: guerillaclassics

Provitreff, Zürich (CH)

classical songs about female characters without sexism? representation of queer people in classical music? difficult to find. lis à lis wants to change this and works in their practice with classical music as a mouthpiece for queer-feminist concerns.

the duo (lis marti, lisa läng) from bern find themselves at the interface between new classical music, literature and queer-feminist activism. their first programme creates visibility and role models for queer people, combines classical music and literature and normalizes diversity on stage. the two-part concert includes a song cycle by robert schumann with a new version of the text by lisa läng. the second part consists of a composition by flurina zehnder to a text by kim de l'horizon. an introduction and a debriefing provide space for a discussion on how to deal with problematic texts in the existing core repertoire.

lisa läng (vocals) & lis marti (piano) – talk with severin kolb

*please find accessibility information on www.freeflowfestival.ch

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Provitreff, Sihlquai 240, Zürich, CH

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