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Charles Benjamin

Charles Benjamin Windhager von Kaenel Tickets
Windhager von Kaenel, Zürich, CH
Charles Benjamin (Stockholm, 1989) is a Swedish painter based in Basel. He often uses his practice to explore personal problems, at once formally documenting and making fun of economical hardship, spiritual exhaustion, and disbelief in his own ability and the medium of painting itself. His practice apart from painting sometimes branches out in periodical projects such as living without any basic comforts on a gallery floor for two weeks (Being a better person (And Possibly Helping Others), 2016) or sitting under a tree for the time of an average working week (Work/Work Balance, 2017). He has previously exhibited at New Day Gallery (System of painting that will work forever, 2016), Salts (Not Old Not New, 2018), Kunsthalle Lissabon (P for Everything, 2019), and Everyday Gallery (Euro Neu Mode, 2020) among others.
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Windhager von Kaenel, Aemtlerstrasse 74, Zürich, CH