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Dieter Roth and Franz West

Dieter Roth and Franz West Hauser & Wirth Tickets
Hauser & Wirth, Zürich, CH
Hauser & Wirth is pleased to present a joint exhibition of two modern masters of the late 20th century, Dieter Roth and Franz West. The presentation displays a focused selection of works by these two remarkable artists, including sculpture, installation, and works on paper, and investigates the legacy they left in the realm of contemporary sculpture. ‘Dieter Roth and Franz West’, organised by Björn Roth, marks the first time these creative pioneers have been exhibited together in this context, exploring their similarities whilst also juxtaposing their artistic processes and presenting their practice in a new, unprecedented light.



Hauser & Wirth, Limmatstrasse 270, Zürich, CH


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