instrument - building workshop

instrument - building workshop Atelier  UG 04 Herman Greulich Strasse, Herman-Greulich-Strasse 70, 8004 Zürich Tickets

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Atelier UG 04 Herman Greulich Strasse, Zürich (CH)

love lokombe, co-founder of the legendary kokoko, an experimental electronic music group from kinshasa, is in zurich for the free flow festival. he is collaborating with trinity ‘mother dubber’ njume-ebong on an exciting project which aims toenter in resonance with the world in its physical whole. the idea came from the practice of love and his various collaborators in kinshasa, who explore their city in order to make original instruments from all kinds of found objects. through this workshop, love will share his experience of creating original sounds and not being assigned, as a musician, to industrial instruments.

love lokombe (musician/founder ngwaka son système)


*please find accessibility information on www.freeflowfestival.ch

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Atelier UG 04 Herman Greulich Strasse, Herman-Greulich-Strasse 70, Zürich, CH

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