Sell tickets for e-sports and gaming events

The first e-sports and gaming competitions were held decades ago – at the same time as LAN parties. E-sports and gaming events are now recognised around the globe and offer price money that some traditional sports can only dream of. Their popularity is also reflected in the number of viewers who tune in to watch the live stream.

Ticketing for gaming and e-sports events

With Eventfrog, you can easily sell tickets for live events, streaming events or even hybrid events.

In just four steps, you can organise events with our events tool and sell tickets via our platform. The same applies to an online event, to which you simply add a streaming link. You can choose whether you want to sell exclusive streaming tickets or make the stream available to viewers free of charge.

In any case, Eventfrog will give you an appealing event page (with integrated live stream), a wide reach and visibility through our platform and in search engines (SEO).

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Free of charge and professional

You can use Eventfrog's free online ticketing in the Free package. Even our fee-based models are more affordable and cheaper than those of other ticketing providers.

Always included:

  • Unlimited number of events and ticket categories
  • Integration of sponsoring
  • Use of access keys (hidden categories)
  • Personalisation for additional information from visitors
  • Trilingual support for you as an event organiser and your audience
  • Secure and comprehensive payment processing
  • The bundled payment of income
  • Analyses of ticket sales

Hybrid events – streaming as an additional source of income

Making events hybrid opens up your event to a larger audience. The event can be attended online and on site – this is a great way to attract more visitors, especially for competitions.

In addition, the number of visitors is not limited by the location. By the way, we show you how to generate more sales with the hybrid solution in our blog.

Hybrid events as a creative way to reach a larger audience

You can find detailed instructions on how to create hybrid events in the help section. To the instructions in the help section

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