The Biodiversity Collage Workshop

The Biodiversity Collage Workshop meh als gmües, Reckenholzstrasse 150, 8046 Zürich Billets


meh als gmües, Zürich (CH)

This workshop is a collaborative, playful and science-based workshop to discover about biodiversity, as well as the causes and consequences of its erosion. All data comes from the IPBES report and can be provided in several languages.

The Association was created in June 2021 with the purpose of raising awareness about environmental issues to as many people as possible, without discrimination. Here is a little more information about the Association Fresque de la Biodiversité

We offer the workshop in a public and/or private format. It is an extremely valuable, useful, accessible and relevant tool and we are sure that you will get a lot out of it. 

  • Workshop duration: 3 hours (live and/or online)
  • Number of participants: minimum 4, maximum 14 people
  • In public format we suggest a contribution between 12-20 CHF/ person participating 
  • In private format contact me for further details.
  • We also offer a kids version if you are interested 
  • 10% of the total is donated to the Association Fresque de la Biodiversité
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Maria del Pilar Porras Villarreal


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meh als gmües, Reckenholzstrasse 150, Zürich, CH

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The Biodiversity Collage Workshop est organisé par:

Maria del Pilar Porras Villarreal