Can I also set up a box office for my event?

There are two ways to set up an on-site box office or evening box office to complement online sales in advance, depending on your options.


Online sales with QR code for box office and evening box office

In the cockpit under "Short URL, Embed" you will find a QR code that will take you directly to your event details. Visitors can purchase tickets online here as long as the pre-sale is running.

You can download this QR code and display it at your box office. This allows interested people to buy their tickets online themselves. You can also find out more at: Via event QR code to advance booking and box office

download qrcode 1

Box office with PC, internet access and printer

If you have a PC and printer available on site on the evening of the event, you can use the pre-sale function in the Cockpit.

abendkasse vorverkaufen 1

The pre-sale function can be used by you as the organiser or by other people who have been assigned the corresponding roles. You can find all information about the user roles here >

The advantage of the on-site pre-sales function is that the personalisation data of guests is recorded directly in the system. The data is stored in the same place as the details of the other visitors (possibly important for contact tracing).
In this case, however, please ensure that all personalisation data is requested as a mandatory field in your event during pre-sales.

abendkasse vorverkaufen 2

After the event, you can then download all contact details in your organiser cockpit under "Orders, cancellations" with just one click.

Box office and evening box office without PC and printer

If there is no internet-enabled PC and printer available on site, you can block and print out the available tickets immediately before the event. However, it would then be necessary to enter the contact details of your guests manually and outside our platform.

Alternatively, you can also extend ticket sales for the event in the cockpit under "Sales start, stop, cancellation" beyond the start of the event so that guests can also buy a ticket directly on site, e.g. via smartphone.
Please note that no transactions are made via our system when using the "Pre-sale and block" functions.

Cashless payments at the event

With Eventfrog Cashless you can make cashless payments at the event and at the box office. You can find out more under Eventfrog Cashless or in the help section under Eventfrog Cashless - cashless payment at the event >