IAGZ Diwali Gala 2021

IAGZ Diwali Gala 2021 Gemeindesaal Steinhausen, Bahnhofstrasse 5, 6312 Steinhausen Tickets
Gemeindesaal Steinhausen, Steinhausen (CH)

IAGZ welcomes you to celebrate its 10th anniversary and Diwali Gala – enjoy a fabulous evening of great food, entertainment, music and dance amongst friends and family. 

Admission is restricted to 250 persons. So hurry and register now! 

Each individual shall be registered separately in their own name as displayed on their covid certificate and photo identification.

Please note, we are bound by COVID-19 Regulations.

Anyone above 16 years must have a COVID vaccination certificate along with a valid photo identification proof to be able to join the event.* These will be checked on entry at the hall

15 years and below must complete the self-certification form to confirm no signs or symptoms of COVID. Please bring the self-certification form with you, when you arrive at the venue and submit on entry. the self-certification form can be download from IAGZ web page .

[ Please note that IAGZ does not request any money for Ticket insurance while booking the tickets on Event Frog, nor does IAGZ request any contribution for any COVID crisis donation drive ]

*We as IAGZ regret to inform that due to logistical and efficiency reasons as well as an additional sense of caution for the safety of our guests, members and volunteers we have taken the decision to not accept RT-PCR or Antigen tests as a form of certification for entry. We thank you for your understanding on this matter.


Veranstalter:in von IAGZ Diwali Gala 2021

Indian Association of Greater Zurich



Gemeindesaal Steinhausen, Bahnhofstrasse 5, Steinhausen, CH


IAGZ Diwali Gala 2021 wird organisiert durch:

Indian Association of Greater Zurich