walk: suburb river sketch #freeflow

walk: suburb river sketch #freeflow Tram-Museum Zürich, Forchstrasse 260, 8008 Zürich Tickets

Credits: guerillaclassics

Tram-Museum Zürich, Zürich (CH)

the sound gardener andres bosshard lives and listens in züri seefeld. he takes us on his daily walk through the "töbeli" along the wildbach until it becomes the hornbach and then, after crossing several busy city streets, meets the zürisee. we experience how to actively engage with our daily environment through our sense of listening. we learn how to not only interact with our soundscape, but also how to change our own behavior to create a new city sound. along the way, we will be surprised by small guerilla-actions of musicians, and we will begin this festival together with a walk of several hours along the suburban river, celebrating the free flow.

andres bosshard (sound gardener), anja jagodić(accordeon), charlotte lorenz (cello) & love lokombe(musician/founder ngwaka son système)

*please find accessibility information on www.freeflowfestival.ch

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Tram-Museum Zürich, Forchstrasse 260, Zürich, CH

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