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BBQ Hangout Eschenberg, Breiteholzstrasse 2, 8400 Winterthur Tickets

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Eschenberg, Winterthur (CH)

We will start the event at Archhöfe (Archpl. 2, 8400 Winterthur) where you will get a small package of drinks, marshmallows and food for BBQ. Afterwards we start the small hike of about 40 minutes up to the Eschenbergturm.

During the event, you can enjoy the skylines of Winti!

What to bring: water, sturdy shoes, backpack

Included in the ticket: One meat or vegi sausage, marshmallows, snacks and drinks

When? Saturday 6th April 2024

Where? Meeting point at Archhöfe Mall (next to Bahnhofplatz) at 13:00

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ESN Winterthur


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Eschenberg, Breiteholzstrasse 2, Winterthur, CH

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ESN Winterthur

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