How can I create discount codes / promo codes?


Is there a way to create discount codes?

The promo codes are currently only available to a limited extent and can only be created on request.

As the creation of promo codes is very time-consuming and involves a lot of administrative work, the function is subject to a charge. The costs depend on the number of codes to be created.

If you are interested in creating promo codes, please contact our support team for more information: They will be happy to send you the order form.

Please note that the creation takes at least 5 working days.

We generally recommend using the "Access key" function to map discounts.

Use access key for discounts

You can map discounts much more easily using «access keys» and - unlike promo codes - manage them yourself at any time.

You can use the "Access key" function to restrict access to certain ticket categories. These categories are only visible to ticket buyers if they enter the access key. This function is included in the Plus and Pro event packages. It can be used to grant discounts to certain ticket buyers, such as VIPs or members.

Instructions "Protect categories with access key" >

When are promo codes useful?

It makes sense to use our promo codes for several discount levels.

The promo codes are available in discount percentages and for certain amounts, but not for individual tickets. The codes are valid for the entire event and cannot be assigned to individual categories, as is possible with access keys.

This means that all categories and sub-categories of a complete event can be purchased at a discount.

The codes are always valid for the customer's entire order. So if a customer has 10 tickets in their shopping basket, the percentage discount will be deducted from the total shopping basket value. Restrictions, such as the discount percentage only applying to up to two tickets, are unfortunately not yet possible. You can map this via the access key.

However, you can specify a minimum and maximum value of the shopping basket for value discounts. The code is only valid for a shopping basket value between CHF 20.00 and CHF 40.00.

Please note: This restriction is not possible for percentage discounts.

Note: As this is a beta function, detailed statistics on the redemption of promo codes are not yet available here. If you want to keep track of redemptions at all times, we recommend using the access keys.

How much does it cost to create promo codes?

As the creation of promo codes requires administrative effort, this is a chargeable function. The costs per order depend on the number of codes:

1 to 10 codes CHF 80.-

11 to 25 codes CHF 150.-

26 to 50 codes CHF 250.-

51 to 100 codes CHF 500.-

101 to 500 codes CHF 600.-

501 to 1000 codes CHF 700.-

Over 1000 codes on request

Subsequent changes (e.g. configuration adjustments, deletion of existing codes) are charged at CHF 160.-- excl. VAT per hour at cost (minimum: 160.-). All prices are exclusive of VAT.

How can buyers redeem their promo code?

To redeem a promo code, select the desired tickets and proceed to the checkout. An input field appears at the checkout where you can enter the code. Click on "Redeem" to check the code. If it is correct, the discount will be deducted from the shopping basket value. Then you just have to pay the remaining amount.